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“These Aren’t My Plans”

March 1, 2012

Have you ever looked at your life and wondered “how’d this happen? I didn’t think this kind of thing happened to Christians. How did my life fall apart? How did I lose my job? my house? my spouse? If God loves me, why does my life no longer make sense?”

I think we all have. A few years ago a change in my work and income situation culminated with my house being foreclosed. We were stunned, as we expected and hoped God would change our situation. But He didn’t, and we had to make a decision “do we move forward trusting Him, or give up?” We moved forward, but all the while we said “this wasn’t in my plans”.

Reading Hebrews chapter 11 – the Heroes of Faith – I can’t help but think that many of them also thought “these aren’t my plans”. Abraham was promised to be the father of a great nation which would bless the world, so he left wealth and comfort. But instead of prosperity, he had a dysfunctional, blended family. Joseph had a dream that people bowed before him, but instead of authority he found himself a slave and falsely accused prisoner. Moses knew he would be instrumental in freeing God’s people, yet when he tried he made a mess of it. He ended up a fugitive for forty years. Gideon heard God’s promise of victory, but he watched his mighty army shrink to just 300 men. David slew a giant and was anointed king, then spent the next decade running for his life.

Time and again the people of God went from something good to something bad, but it was so God could lead them to something great! Next time you find yourself saying “these aren’t my plans”, take comfort in the fact that God is planning your tomorrow, and it will be great.

Be blessed,


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  1. Bro, great post! Needed to hear that one. Thanks man!

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