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Man Shaped Scars…

June 10, 2012

Though we might not know the name Gutzon Borglem, we are all familiar with his work.  Mr. Borglem is the artist responsible for carving the images of four American presidents on the rock face of South Dakota’s Mt. Rushmore.

The history of the “Shrine of Democracy” is interesting.  Construction began in 1927 and lasted 14 years, during which time around 400 men used dynamite, pneumatic hammers, drills and chisels to remove approximately 450,000 tons of granite from the mountain.  The cost of the project was a million dollars – adjusted for inflation that’s $11Billion of 2012’s dollars! 

Hundreds of men, a million pounds of rock, billions of dollars and a great collaborative effort; and I ask you what was accomplished?  At the project’s dedication President Coolidge said we were undertaking something “decidedly American in its conception, magnitude and meaning. It is altogether worthy of our country…”  Some would say it’s a lasting tribute to the greatness of our nation.  Longevity was intended, for Borglem said it would stand until the wind and rain erased it.  But looking at Mt Rushmore I see a great deal of human effort that has resulted in nothing more than man shaped scars on the handiwork of God.

In Acts 14 Paul told the men of Lyconia to turn unto “the living God, which made the heaven, the earth, the sea, and all things that are therein.”  In Genesis 1:31 God looked at His creation and said it was “very good”.  We can focus all of our time, talent and treasure and never truly improve what God has done.  Mt Rushmore — while a beautiful monument — is not an addition to God’s work, but a subtraction.  Rock had to be removed. 

Sometimes we think we can make our lives better, or worthy, or somehow improve upon what God has begun.  But the truth is, everything we do is a subtraction from, not an improvement upon, God’s work.  He makes things good, whole and complete.  Let God form your life without interfering and injecting your own human shaped scars on His work.

Be blessed



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